Novohrad Cultural Institut ( was reposed from the Self Governing Region Banská Bystrica ( and is a nonprofit contributory organization with an own legal personality.

We help to advance the social scale, culture and adult education. We try to resume the inhabitans regarding of our region culture, also in the way of minorities living in this region. By our multilateral activities we cooperate with divers cultural institutions and associations.

This project is an important step in fulfilling the mission and lauching the new active cooperation with partner organizations from all V4 countries. Coming cultural and educational programs will be prepared in cooperation with our Hungarian, Czech and Polish partner organizations. The language barrier is no obstacle for us. In reference to communication and mediation will help us the motion, sound and picture – multicultural artistic language.

The project V4 STREAM is starting in year 2013. It is a cultural and artistic cooperation bewteen V4 countries - presentational and educational project - mutual understanding of culture.

Our partners:
- Balassi Balint county library and educational institut, Salgotarjan (Hungary) -
- Impuls Hradec Kralove, the centre of amateur culture (Czech republic) -
- The primary art school A.F.Sporka, Jaromer (Czech republic) -
- Municipal cultural centre in Sedziejowice (Poland) -

Project events:

Fairy box - Rozprávková skrinka
Regional children's dramatic competition creativity. Our goal is to be able to present all groups working in our region. As a part of the programe we prepare workshops, which will be lead by professional trainers with a focus on voice and movement training for children and work with children's performer.

Galéria z podujatia - Dom kultúry Poltár, dňa 26. marca 2013.

Children for children - Deti deom
The event is a regional workshop and children's drama show of creativity. A series of creative workshops, children's theater for kids and their teachers aims to technically guide their work, and then give them the opportunity for a public presentation of the play "Children for Children" in schools in the region. The event covers the activities to incite meaningful leisure activities.

Galéria z podujatia - 17.jún Cinobaňa, 19.jún Fižakovo a 20.jún 2013 Kokava nad Rimavicou.

Galéria z podujatia - Divadlo B.S.Timravy Lučenec, realizácia 12.-15.máj 2013.

Theatre autumn - Divadelná jeseň
Theatre festival with 23 years of living history. The main mission is the presentation of the work of amateur theatre groups from adults, young people and children. The program includes rich and diverse events - creative artists forums also for visitors, workshops, informal meetings, preformances of amateurs.

Autumn meeting - Jesenné stretnutie
Exhibition of regional artists who will present their work to the general public. The exhibition will be held a workshop amateur artists. The whole event will be carried out under the guidance of teachers and created works are the source for the next show. The project is based on the idea of mutual cooperation and inspiration of people who share an affinity for fine art.

Galéria z podujatia Jesenné stretnutie - NMG Lučenec, realizácia 24.september-6.október 2013.

Galéria z podujatia Jesenné stretnutie - Vypálení slnkom - NMG Lučenec, realizácia 26.september 2013.

Project is realized with financial support from the Visegrad Fund - Standard grants.