Novohrad Cultural Institut ( was reposed from the Self Governing Region Banská Bystrica ( and is a nonprofit contributory organization with an own legal personality.

We help to advance the social scale, culture and adult education. We try to resume the inhabitans regarding of our region culture, also in the way of minorities living in this region. By our multilateral activities we cooperate with divers cultural institutions and associations.

This project is the next level of our cooperation in field culture and art, and building of an active cooperating institutional network in together work with our foreign partners from Czech republic, Poland and Hungary.

Our partners / Partneri projektu:
- Vertigo Szlovák Színház (Hungary) -
- Impuls Hradec Kralove, the centre of amateur culture (Czech republic) -
- Association of entertainers (Poland) - "Stowarzyszenie Animatorów Kultury"

Project timeline: Events from october till november 2017.

The project is realized with financial support from the Visegrad Fund - Standard grants,